Weight loss Custom Program


If your goal is to lose weight once and for all, I will work with you to understand what resources you need to become the person you want. We will have 3 meetings on Zoom together and I will teach you the NLP practices useful for weight loss


You will already have realized the hard way that the diet works, but in the short term and you end up relapsing into old habits. To change them we will work on your behaviors, on the emotions that drive you to eat and on the beliefs that limit you.

With Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques we will go beyond diets, improving your body, lightening your thoughts so that food remains food and is no longer your enemy.

The course includes:

  • 3 individual sessions on Zoom
  • Material and tutorials
  • Email support
  • Access to the video course Losing Weight Without diet (duration 12 weeks)

Once the purchase is made, I will contact you to schedule our first online meeting.

Weight loss Custom Program